This application is abandonware. This means you can still use it if it suits your needs, but do not expect any new version to be released.


 Adolix Outlook Express Backup is the perfect tool to backup Outlook Express email database, accounts, address book, settings, mail and news accounts, message rules, blocked senders lists and signatures. The entire data is saved to a single, compressed protected file so it can be restored easily. It supports top email clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express and can also backup Internet Explorer favorites and Firefox bookmarks, the most used browser at this moment.

It has a powerful internal schedule that allows you to backup your email client every day, week or when ever you want. One backup file can be restored on a different Windows operating system or even on a different computer. This makes our program not just a backup utility but a powerful synchronization tool. 

Do I need Adolix Outlook Express Backup ?

 People usually think to backup only when they lost their data. This is a sad fact. There are several ways how someone can loose emails, contacts or even entire data. Human errors, power failures or worst viruses are only some of them. But with our program all this would not affect you anymore. With email deliverability, you can make sure your messages reach your customers and don't hit traps, junk folders, or blacklists.

Viruses, software failures, power failures, human errors, hard drive failures are only a few examples of what could destroy the data on a hard drive, including all emails and contacts! Now you can work peacefully, knowing that your email data is saved. Adolix Outlook Express Backup runs quietly in background at specified time intervals. When you reinstall Windows, it restores your email data immediately.

Why Adolix Outlook Express Backup ?

There are other Outlook Express backup programs, but none of them is so reliable, safe and offers so much online support. Many of our users have told us that they think Adolix Outlook Express Backup is the best development in email since Jangomail email marketing software. The wizard style of this software is perfect for both beginners and professional users. In just 3 easy steps, you can backup / restore your email.


  • works with the most popular email clients like Outlook Express and MS Outlook
  • ability to select what data to save.
  • ability to transfer data between different computers and different Windows operating systems.
  • ability to save multiple identities to a single file.
  • schedule option that saves precious time.
  • easy to use interface for both beginners and professional users.
  • password protected archives to keep your data safe.
  • multi-language user interface support.

Take a look at the differences between Adolix Outlook Express Backup and Adolix Email Backup:

If you want a more powerful tool, which can also backup IncrediMail and Eudora, please check our other email backup utility, Adolix Email Backup.

Feature Adolix Outlook Express Backup Adolix Email Backup
Outlook Express backup x x
Outlook backup x x
Incredimail backup - x
Eudora backup - x
Backup multiple identities x x
FireFox and Internet Explorer backup x x
Remote FTP access - x
Scheduler x x
Multi language support x x
Price for 1 license $24.95 $36.95

Download Free Trial

You can download the 15-Day Trial Version of Adolix Outlook Express Backup (1.4 MB) by clicking on the link below.

After download, open the file AdolixOEBSetup.exe and the installation wizard will appear. Follow the easy steps in order to complete the installation.

Order the Full Version!

The version available for download above will expire after 15 days. Its sole purpose is to let you evaluate before spending any money; this gives you the opportunity to compare it with the other utilities made by competitors. If you wish to continue to use Adolix Outlook Express Backup after the trial period, please purchase a License by clicking below:

Buy Now

Single user license: $24.95

Immediately after registration you will receive an email with a Registration Key that will turn this evaluation copy of Adolix Outlook Express Backup into the full version. The benefit's of purchasing the full version:

  • No 15 Days trial limit
  • No more nag screens
  • FREE upgrades to upcoming versions of Adolix Outlook Express Backup
  • Technical support


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