This application is abandonware. This means you can still use it if it suits your needs, but do not expect any new version to be released.


Adolix Email Backup is a powerful software that will backup your email if you are using one of the following email clients: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Incredimail or Eudora. Our product will backup email data like accounts settings, mail folders, signatures, message rules, address book and stationary. Because on a single PC could be more then a single identity (Incredimail for example), we decided that it would be very useful to be able to backup all of them or a specific one. Email backup should be a concern for you no matter if you are a home user or a bank manager.

Adolix Email Backup built in scheduler allows users to select what email client to backup and for each of them what components to save. Everything is saved to a single archive that can be protected by password. Because it's very common to use a remote server to keep important data, Adolix Email Backup can backup your email information to a FTP server. All you need to do is to configure it by entering you user name and password.

Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox are the 2 most used browsers for Windows. You can backup your favorites and bookmarks the same way to backup email.


  • works with the most popular email clients like Incredimail, Outlook Express, Eudora and MS Outlook
  • built-in scheduler
  • saves all email data including accounts settings, signatures, address book and stationary to a single archived file
  • saves all identities
  • can backup to a remote FTP server
  • resulted file can be protected by password and 128 bits encryption
  • favorites and bookmarks can be saved for Internet Explorer and FireFox
  • multi-language user interface support.

Take a look at the differences between Adolix Outlook Express Backup and Adolix Email Backup:

If you are low on budget please check our other email backup utility, Adolix Outlook Express Backup.

Feature Adolix Outlook Express Backup Adolix Email Backup
Outlook Express backup x x
Outlook backup x x
Incredimail backup - x
Eudora backup - x
Backup multiple identities x x
FireFox and Internet Explorer backup x x
Remote FTP access - x
Scheduler x x
Multi language support x x
Price for 1 license $24.95 $36.95

Download Free Trial

You can download the 15-Day Trial Version of Adolix Email Backup(1.32 MB) by clicking on the link below.

After you finish downloading, open the setup file AdolixEMBackupSetup.exe and the installation wizard will appear. Follow the steps in order to complete the installation.

Order the Full Version!

The version you are trying now is a trail version. This means it works only for 15 days. We are offering it because we want you to evaluate our product. If you decided that is useful and you like the way it works, you have to purchase the full version. You will receive a License Key that will transform the trial version of Adolix Email Backup into the full one.

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Single user license: $36.95

Multi user license:order page

By purchasing the full version you will have the benefits:

  • No 15 Days trial limit
  • No more nag screens
  • FREE upgrades to upcoming versions of Adolix Email Backup
  • Technical support


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