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Please click Buy Now! button to bring up the Secure Order Form, where you can see the list with the supported payment types, countries and currencies.

Single Computer License - 39.95 USD

To pay with Paypal, click on the Buy Now! button. On the secure form, scroll down and select Paypal at Method of payment.

For more than one license, please check the table below. You can adjust quantity number after you click on the Buy Now! button.

Quantity Discount Price per unit (USD) Total price (USD)
2 Computers 20% $31.96 $63.92 Buy Now!
5 Computers License 25% $29.96 $149.81 Buy Now!
10 Computers 30% $27.97 $279.65 Buy Now!
20 Computers 35% $25.97 $519.35 Buy Now!
50 Computers License 40% $23.97 $1,198.50 Buy Now!
100 Computers License 50% $19.98 $1,997.50 Buy Now!
200 Computers License 65% $13.98 $2,796.50 Buy Now!
500 Computers License 75% $9.99 $4,993.75 Buy Now!

When your payment is confirmed you will receive an email with your upgrade key and a link to download the Full version. Use your key to unlock it.

Upgrade to the latest version of eCover Engineer

Upgrading is free for versions with the same major version number: if you bought version 5.5, you will get free updates to v5.6 and v5.7, but you will have to pay in order to get eCover Engineer v6.0. Of course, you will benefit from a huge discount, like 50% from the original price.

eCover Engineer v6 - new features

  • new objects: vista box, light vista box, business card, screenshot, curved screenshot, VHS tape
  • support for transparency (when you save output images as PNG files)
  • a new profiles tab to be able to change settings at once
  • settings are now saved in a new way for better compatibility with Windows Vista
  • brand new DPI settings and other various settings for output images
  • a new pack of templates

Single Computer License - 39.95 USD 19.95 USD

After you make payment, you will receive an email with your upgrade key and a link to download the full version of eCover Engineer.