The first impression is very important for potential customers. And the first thing that they encounter when they meet your product is the box shot. That's right! . And for many of them, this is the moment they decide to proceed or to search for another product. If you have a beautiful ebook cover or software box, they are half convinced. But there is another problem. A professional cover for software costs a lot of money. Some of them need to be updated. Why spend so much money on something that you can do for free with ecover generator and cover creator software like eCover Engineer? Why waste precious time on something that you can do in a few minutes with an ecover generator product. Design ebook covers, CD covers, DVD covers and software box covers with minimum costs. Use our free templates to create amazing covers for your products.


  • Create covers for standard box, e-book, thin box, wide box, custom box, spiral notebook, wide spiral notebook, boxes with 2 books, Boxes with 3 books, Boxes with 4 books, magazines
  • With our cover creator software you can design ebook covers, CD covers, DVD covers, business card, screenshot, curved screenshot, Vista software box, VHS tape.
  • Benefit from real-time 3D Editing and Rendering
  • Take advantage high image quality. Export your work as BMP, JPG or PNG
  • Export your work as images with transparency (only for PNG files)
  • Use the new Profiles tab to change settings at macro level
  • Import and use for your work a wide variety of picture files like BMP, JPG files, PSD files and almost any type of image
  • Resize the width, height and depth of the Cover. Create custom shape boxes.
  • Rotate, roll and resize the designed object.
  • See your work from any angle. Use camera rotation / movement options. You can rotate the camera along its X, Y and Z axis relative to the center of the Cover
  • Change light color.
  • Use shadow effect and see your work reflected
  • Specify floor's texture and background color.
  • Use our product on less powerful computers. Find a balance between speed and quality.
  • Save your work as templates so you can reuse it later.
  • Send templates and output images by email
  • Take advantage of a new welcome screen that will ease your work guiding you directly where you want.
  • Use our product in a lot of languages. Multi language support: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Japanese
  • Use award winning graphics editor Paint.NET to modify our templates or design new images for your products.
  • Use eCover Engineer on any Windows 7 version.

Download Free Trial

You can download the Free Trial Version of eCover Engineer (7.07 MB) by clicking on the link below.

After download, open the file eCoverEngineerSetup.exe and the installation wizard will appear. Follow the easy steps in order to complete the installation.

Download Free Templates

Click on any image and go to the templates special page. You can find there packs of 5 royalty free templates that can be installed

Open templates by clicking the "Open Template" button within eCover Engineer.

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Order the Full Version!

 The version available for download above contains a ball in the middle of each object you design. Its sole purpose is to let you evaluate the program before spending any money; this gives you the opportunity to compare it with the other utilities made by competitors. If you wish to continue to use it after the trial period, please purchase a License by clicking below:

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Single user license: $39.95

Immediately after registration you will receive an email with a Registration Key that will turn this evaluation copy of eCover Engineer into the full version. The benefits of purchasing the full version:

  • No more limitations like the big red Demo ball
  • No more nag screens
  • Design unlimited ebook covers, CD covers, DVD covers and software box covers
  • High discounts for new versions of eCover Engineer
  • Technical support


"Thank you for this fantastic tool. I love how easy it is to use and yet the incredible quality of the end result. Best regards and thank you." - Thea Wesdra

"The best thing about eCover Engineer is the easy 3D object management that I enjoyed the most and I think that for a software that intends to create outstanding product presentations, this feature does its best." - Softpedia Review Team


ebook covers

Standard box

CD cover screenshot

CD cover

If you want to see more screenshots of the objects available in eCover Engineer, click here