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You can buy Adolix PDF to Image online, by Phone, Fax, or Mail. You can pay by credit card ( Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Visa Check Card, Eurocard, MasterMoney ), Check, Money order or wire transfer.

Single Computer License - 24.95 USD

To pay with Paypal, click on the Buy Now! button. On the secure form, scroll down and select Paypal at Method of payment.

For more than one license, please check the table below. You can adjust quantity number after you click on any of the Buy Now! buttons.

Quantity Discount Price per unit (USD) Total price (USD)
2 Computers 20% $19.96 $39.92 Buy Now!
5 Computers License 25% $18.71 $93.56 Buy Now!
10 Computers 30% $17.47 $174.65 Buy Now!
20 Computers 35% $16.22 $324.35 Buy Now!
50 Computers License 40% $14.97 $748.50 Buy Now!
100 Computers License 50% $12.48 $1,247.50 Buy Now!
200 Computers License 65% $8.73 $1,746.50 Buy Now!
500 Computers License 75% $6.24 $3,118.75 Buy Now!

One license allows you to install Adolix PDF to Image on one computer only*. If you would like to install it on more than one computer, you must either purchase a Single Computer License for each computer, or purchase one Multi-Computer License.